Sutera Harbour Resort Team Building 2014

Team Building

31/05/2014 - There is no such thing as perfect team but isn't it great if you can fuse them along the journey?

Fostering teamwork is a top priority for many leaders. It increases productivity, employee empowerment, improves customer service and more flexible systems, To have an effective and efficient team, leaders need have a clear picture of the seven high‐performance elements that every teams have in common. They are:‐
1. Commitment,
2. Contribution,
3. Communication,
4. Cooperation,
5. Conflict Management,
6. Change Management and
7. Connections

Using Appreciative analysis, teams from Lantana Miri, Lantana Brunei and KTL Brunei created a climate that sustains synergy and group effort ‐ "Team Building 2014" 6 years of Excellence with the theme "Surrender the ME to the WE" held in Sutera Harbour Resort Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on 30th May 2014 till 2nd June 2014.

The Team Start Up guide has been prepared to give some guidance to team leaders and/or facilitators working with newly‐ formed teams. In a so called Amazing race, tasks are given for each team to complete which drives everyone to create a cooperative band with one mind and spirit. Comprises dry and wet activities which defines full bundle cooperation and coordination of each team was next unleashed with an abundant lunch for all followed by a Wine Sunset Cruising after leisure. (Includes meals in usual mode) The last day was a free day, given all the participants to enjoy everyone favorite pass time ‐ shopping time.

The event was indeed a success as it brought the 3 tied up companies out of its shell to explore, enjoy and subsist as one team sharing joys, hardships and success. The episode ends but the true journey has just begun. It was indeed a Great experience.

Team Building