Random Drug & Alcohol Screening

Random Drug & Alcohol screening was conducted to 3 office personnel on 29-nov-2012. These 3 personnel were from Procurement, Operation and also HR department respectively. The screening was conducted at Panaga Health Centre which is one of the authorized clinics approved by Brunei Shell Petroleum.

These 3 personnel arrived at the clinic accompanied by the company Safety & Quality Executive around 08.40 am. A Occupational Health Personnel greeted them. All 3 personnel were requested to fill up a form to participate prior the screening.

Next, the Occupational Health personnel explain the procedure on alcohol screen. Basically each participant has to blow through a device that will screen the alcohol level in the participant's body.

Once that was complete , the Occupational Health Personnel explained the procedure on drug screen. This is more interesting as participants are required to provide their urine sample in a small bottle provided by the Centre. Furthermore, two out of the three participants are female and they find this very challenging as the opening of the bottle is not that wide…

Nevertheless, once this was completed, they have to wait for additional 5-10 minutes for a quick result. There is a temperature sensor strip built into these bottles where it require the temperature of the urine to 'kick off' the screening. After 10 minutes, the initial indication of these results are good.

Random Drug and Alcohol Screening

The whole screening procedure took about 15-20 minutes.

All three personnel passed the D&A Screening with flying colour with negative results.

The centre will furnished the complete report in the afternoon! Talk about fast and good service.