OVID Workshop

Marine Superintendent Capt Eugene and SQE attended a OVID Workshop held at Marriot Hotel in Miri on 22-Oct-2012. This event was able to materialized upon persistent request by Capt Kenneth Koo of Sealestial Marine Services to Capt Sean Nicholson of OCIMF.

The workshop kicked off with the introduction on the formation of OVID inspection. This is to enhance the knowledge more about OVID system which newly introduce in our vessel operating in offshore industries. The present inspection systems are based mostly on cargo ship which are not applicable to offshore vessel.

The main attractiveness on OVID is to:-

  • Only accredited Inspector who must have marine time experience in oil and gas industry.
  • Inspection covers in all area imaginable from Bridge, Accommodation, Galley, Mess Room, Engine Room, Stern, etc. There are close to 900 checklist in an OVID inspection. The idea is to reduce the inspection onboard any vessel to maximum of only twice annually.
  • With reduce inspection, marine personnel onboard will have lesser stress worrying about audit or inspection and have more time to concentrate on productivity instead.
  • Once OVID inspection is done, the vessel's data will be posted online which be easily access by both ship owner and oil major. This will make it easier for oil major when they sourcing for vessel in the market. Saving time and monies for both parties. A win-win situation for both parties.

The workshop end with a question and answer session where a lot of interaction between the facilitator, oil major and ship managers.

OVID Workshop HeOVID Workshop OVID Workshop

Also, covered in the workshop is the right of ship manager. Vessel can reject for the OVID inspection should the inspector is unable to produce this Accredited OVID Inspection card. Sample as shown below:-

OVID Workshop OVID Workshop